Lafayette, Erie, Broomfiled, CO Landscaping near me


Creation Landscaping Services works with you and your design ideas; we equally enjoy working alone if you are not the visionary type. Either way, the result is going to save you water, be easy to maintain, and look great!

Our customers are local residence owners looking to save money on water and improve the look of their front yard. We install simple landscaping using locally sourced plants that do well in our area.  We are a small company of two people (Kent and Tony) so we only do front yard xeriscapes.

We don’t do: back yards, hardscape, concrete, outdoor kitchens and gas fire pits, decks, landscape maintenance, sprinkler system installations, side-yard paths, HOA and commercial landscaping, larger whole-lot designs, or large sod installations.

Our landscape projects usually take about 5 days. See our pricing page about cost.

  • We install flower beds, river rock, granite boulders, flagstone steppers, shredded wood mulch, flowering shrubs, perennials, small retaining walls, small areas of sod, and trees.
  • Our drip line installations will supply small amounts of water directly to your new plants.
  • Shade trees add a special dimension to a yard, and we plant many different kinds. We also plant evergreens, fruit trees, and ornamental deciduous trees; we can help you decide what might work best in your location.
  • We use our 48″ wide walk-behind tractor, tool trailer, and 7’x14′ dump bed trailer to do the heavy lifting so open access to the work area is important.

Scroll down to see some examples of our work or contact us today to get your project started!