Lafayette, Erie, Broomfiled, CO Landscaping near me


Front yard Landscaping

We specialize in front yard landscaping for local homeowners in Lafayette, Erie, Broomfield, and surrounding areas; we narrowed our scope in 2022 to improve our availability and to focus on what we do best: front yards.

Xeriscape (some people have called it zeroscape) does Not mean cactus, weed barrier, and rock.  We do use many different xeric plants, meaning they tend to need less water, but we also select interesting and colorful plants and trees that will look great in your front yard, and still save you water. We use more mulch than rock; mulch is a very important component of xeriscape. The use of wood mulch works to retain moisture in the soil, and over time, will improve the condition of your soil.  We favor shredded cedar wood mulch (also referred to as gorilla hair or Washington Cedar) because it mats into a natural weed-barrier. Finally, mulch is much easier to weed than rock.

You can save a lot of water by taking out your lawn and installing a xeriscape: A 1000 sf lawn area using traditional pop-up sprays will use about 25,000 gallons of water per year; a variety of beautiful plants and trees on a drip line will use 10% or less than what a lawn uses.

We will try to understand what you are looking for, and then merge our ideas and experience with yours to create your design.  It’s a collaborative effort if you want it to be… Tony and I love landscaping and designing and some customers just leave it all to us.  Each front yard is different and we tailor your landscaping to complement your property. We have our favorite plants, and we can help you decide what should work best in your location.

We install dry river beds, boulders, trees, flowering shrubs, evergreens, flowering perennials, ground covers, and sometimes even use a small area of lawn to create a beautiful xeric landscape that you can easily maintain.

We adapt your existing sprinkler system into a drip line with individual emitters that efficiently waters your new plantings to keep them growing and healthy and save you water.  We often install a new wi-fi enabled Rachio timer that adjusts automatically with the weather to make watering easier for you – or, if you like, we can replace your complicated timer with a simple one that is easier to use.

We use our 42″ wide tractor and 7×14 dump trailer for the heavy lifting so access to the work area is important.

A small-to-medium size front yard project will take us about a week. See our Pricing Page for more information about cost.  We look forward to making your front yard a thing of beauty.