These days, we only do front yard xeriscape projects for homeowners in Lafayette, Erie, and Broomfield.  We narrowed our scope to improve our availability and to focus on what we do best, front yard landscaping. 

We listen to you, and then merge our ideas and experience to create your design.  We can help you decide what plants might work best in your location. 

We favor shredded cedar wood mulch because it mats into an effective weed-barrier. We install dry river beds, boulders, trees, shrubs, evergreens, flowering perennials, ground covers, and small areas of lawn to create a xeric (low water usage) landscape that you can maintain.

We adapt your existing sprinkler system into a drip line that efficiently waters your new plantings to keep them growing and healthy. We often install a new timer to make watering easier for you.

We use our 42″ wide tractor for the heavy lifting so access to the work area is important.

Our typical landscape projects take 4-5 days. See our Pricing Page for more information about our cost.