Snow Removal

In the winter, we have an experienced 6 person crew on-call. We serve most areas of Lafayette including Indian Peaks and some areas of Louisville, Erie, and Anthem Ranch. We will send you a proposal for your specific property that says every time it snows 2″ (or 1″ if you want) we come by and relocate it for you for a specific price. If it does not snow, you do not pay. We don’t do vacation or one-time services.

  • A standard rate for depth of snow is quoted for each property in the following increments:  1-4″,  4-8″,  8-12″,  12-16″,  16″ and up…
  • A typical residence costs $110. at the 1″-4″ level; and includes clearing the sidewalk, driveway, and a path to the front door.
  • We offer small commercial snow removal for businesses in Lafayette, Louisville, and parts of Erie. Our minimum plowing charge is $130. 
  • We can apply ice melt for an additional charge if you need it.
  • Our debit/credit card billing process keeps things simple; after we perform a snow removal, we bill your CC and email you a receipt.